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Success Requires Teamwork.
Teamwork Requires Team Building

The team that you assemble to drive your success will benefit greatly from your leadership skills and the culture of your organization. At Executive Intelligent Coaching, we offer team building programs that will allow you to use your executive leadership skills to their full advantage and will also provide your coworkers and employees with the collaborative tools they need to be a top-performing, highly successful team.

Know your strengths and you can increase your productivity and satisfaction!

  • Most organizations operate at 20% capacity.
  • 8 out of 10 employees feel somewhat miscast in their role.

Gallup Organization; Buckingham & Clifton, '01; Now, Discover Your Strengths

Team Building Programs

Teamwork isn't something you should expect your employees and coworkers to automatically do. It's comprised of skills, methods, and a culture that you must foster in them if your goal is a highly motivated, successful team. Executive Intelligent Coaching offers several team building programs that are unique and targeted to maximize the efficiency and strengths of your team.

Employee Selection Program

When faced with the task of filling positions, whether from a pool of existing employees or new hires, success is greatly enhanced when selection is not only based upon an individual's skills, but also on a clear understanding of their individual strengths, preferences, and emotional intelligence. At Executive Intelligent Coaching, employee selection is a critical first step to building successful organizations and teams! Executive Intelligent Coaching employee selection programs are designed to assist and guide you towards your goals of building a winning team.