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Results you can see. Satisfaction you can feel.

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Strengthen Performance and Job Satisfaction through Processes, Structures, Goals, and Planning

At Executive Intelligent Coaching, in addition to coaching and team building, we meet the unique needs of our clients with a host of services to enhance performance, production, and satisfaction for individuals, teams and organizations.

The unique needs and circumstances of clients are met through:

  • Board Building - Performance and set-up interview, observation, group dynamics, board engagement, meeting facilitation.
  • Assessments - Tools include: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), emotional intelligence, leadership, 360, and natural talents for individuals, teams, new hire, executives, leadership, and management.
  • Group Coaching - building emotional intelligence skills to enhance communication, leadership and natural talents to build the career you desire. Click the link to learn about and sign up for our structured assessment and skill building small group coaching programs.
  • Consultation - Information flow, Communication processes and Structures, strategic planning, goal setting achievement.

You bring the needs to us and we will customize the support package for you, no matter how big or small.