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Find Out if Coaching is Right for You

Complete the following questions as honestly as you can.

  1. There are issues I want to work on, so that I can better achieve my vision or goals.
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  2. I believe it is reasonable to invest the following amount of time in a coaching program:
  3. I would like to have an unbiased, confidential partner to discuss my work.
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  4. There are some behaviors that I need to stop or change and I am willing to adjust those that are standing in my way.
    Yes No
  5. I am receptive to attempting new strategies to accomplish what I’m seeking.
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  6. Coaching is a fitting means of service for working toward my goals and vision.
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  7. I anticipate meaningful changes to occur and goals to be met within the following timeframe:
  8. I am agreeable to working with my coach in the development of my goals and action items.
    Yes No
  9. I will communicate with my coach about what is working well and what is not working for me in the coaching.
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  10. Describe at a very high level what is driving your investigation of a coaching partner.

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