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Team Building Begins with having the right employees

Employee Selection Program

An interview program that utilizes an outside expert is a tremendous tool to clearly identify a company’s need regarding role, duties, culture, skills, and behavior. An emotional intelligence skills assessment is an ideal tool for an organization’s comprehensive interview process. Utilized in a latter interview stage, the results of this assessment will aid decision-makers in their determination of whether a potential candidate has the personal and social awareness and management skills that can facilitate their success in the new position.

  • Management interview
  • Bar-On EQ-i Assessment
  • Review of results
  • Report

Our Team Building Programs

Teamwork isn't something you should expect your employees and coworkers to automatically do. It's comprised of skills you must foster in them and comes from a culture that is collaborative. If your goal is a highly motivated, successful team, Executive Intelligent Coaching offers several team building programs that are helpful, fun and will provide a positive impact towards building your successful team.

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