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Making the Case for Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Improves Performance!

  • When coaching is added to the training program, day-to-day work performance increased by 88%.
    International Personnel Management Association, report 2001

Results of Coaching with Executive Intelligent Coaching (EIC)

Successful business leaders choose EIC for their coaching needs!

At EIC, our focus is on empowering our clients by enhancing skills, behaviors, and experience such as: adaptability, problem-solving, confidence, empathy, happiness, interpersonal relationships, self-regard, and emotional self-awareness. Each client is measured uniquely on 17-20 skills and their progress is monitored with customized rating forms. On average, they report the following results of their individualized coaching only 2/3 of the way through the program:

  • More than 9 skills/behaviors improved.
  • Greater than 15% improvement on the targeted skills/behaviors.

Public Statisics on the Benefits of Executive Coaching:

  • Successful companies and successful executives use coaching to achieve their goals!
    A study reported in the Manchester Review of 100 executives, from mostly Fortune 1000 companies, showed that coaching produced improvements from 22%-53% in areas such as: productivity, employee retention, quality, and organizational areas. Details of study.
  • Coaching makes financial sense!
    Further results from the Manchester Review study show an average return on investment of 5.7 times or 570% the typical initial investment.
  • Leaders strengthen their influence!
    A survey conducted by Clear Coaching Limited reveals that a large range of companies found tangible benefits from coaching with improvement rates of 20-50% for not only employee working relationships, but also for sales and revenue. Details of survey.