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Results you can see. Satisfaction you can feel.

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"Experience, Training, and Compassion Allow Me to Coach Business Leaders"

Certified Professional Coach, Nancy Schill M.A., is the Founder and Executive Coach of Executive Intelligent Coaching and will be your coach.

Her ability to move you forward must be built on a foundation of professional education and accomplishment. Your coaching program will be unique and based on Nancy's personal research and experience.

Education is critical. Experience is invaluable.

Only you can decide if her experience and dedication are for you by scheduling a personal interview at 512-541-1213.


  • Undergraduate Degree: BA in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
  • Graduate Degree: MA in Psychology, Texas State University



  • For more than 10 years Nancy has been helping individuals and teams identify their goals and march toward them.
  • Board member Texas Association of School Psychologists, 1997-1999.
  • Nancy is a career entrepreneur.
  • Nancy is the author of the Executive Intelligence Coaching blog

"In 2004, I discovered that I was becoming more and more interested in climate and culture in the workplace and how that related to individuals' satisfaction and productivity at work. I went in search of information and solutions in the business world and the results supported what I had suspected: that through improving one's emotional intelligence, operating in their areas of strengths and good leadership, not only could the workplace become more satisfying and enjoyable, but productivity would also be higher, and the business would enjoy greater profits!"

Today, Nancy creates synergy in the workplace for her clients through coaching and training and continues to make time to enjoy her horse, two cats, and other passions. She works closely with her associates and friends in Bootstrap Network, an open-source community for entrepreneurs and Haute Business, a local network of business women. Nancy writes a monthly newsletter, conducts speeches and seminars, and is a featured writer for and Austin Business District magazine. She is in the process of creating a series of video training programs to support businesses and their constituency.